Beginner Friendly Adult Kickboxing Classes Bristol

Take Control Of Your Fitness

Do you want to take Control of your Fitness and Boost your Mental Wellbeing? If you answered Yes, then our Adult Kickboxing Classes in Bristol will suit you Perfectly.

Burn off some steam, Boost your Mental Wellbeing and Increase Physical Fitness, with our Beginner Friendly Adult Classes.

Adult Kickboxing Bristol

@ Headley Park Community Centre

Mondays 19:30 – 20:30

Our Beginner Friendly, Adult Kickboxing Bristol Classes, for ages 13+, are perfect for taking control of your Mental and Physical Health.

Blast Away Fat, Boost Physical Fitness, Build Strength, Relieve Stress and have fun, with our Incredible Adult Classes.

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Adult Kickboxing Classes In Bristol


In a society based around fast foods and desk jobs, it’s becoming ever difficult to keep your mental and physical fitness in check.  Life seems “too busy” to find any time to work on your physical health, let alone your mental health, especially if you don’t enjoy fitness.

Well now you can take control of both your physical and mental health, with our High Energy, Stress Relieving, Fat Blasting and Muscle Building Adult Kickboxing Bristol Classes.


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“I was a little nervous before I went, but this didn’t last long. Sensei Zak is surprisingly amazing at making everyone feel welcome. The class is great for both my mental and physical health. Believe me, there is nothing like a great Adult kickboxing class to burn off some steam after a long day at work. VORTEX’s classes are also always different, which have given me the chance to really develop as a kickboxer. Im so glad I found this class.”


“I love going to my kickboxing lessons, despite my initial nerves. Im in my 40’s now and I was really concerned that I would struggle, but i was wrong. The instructors are great at specifically tailoring the training for each person individually. As a result, i’m able to learn at a pace that’s suited me. Now I couldn’t imaging my life without kickboxing.”


We know how hard starting something new can be, but here at VORTEX, we like to create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, where everyone, no matter the ability, is always welcome.

Our Adult Kickboxing Bristol Classes will be tailored to suit your fitness and skill level, so no matter how unfit you may feel, our classes will suit you perfectly. We know it’s hard to dive into the world of Kickboxing, especially as an adult, but don’t panic, we understand and will be here for you every step of the way.

There will generally be nerves surrounding something new, it’s only natural. It’s for this reason we offer you your first class free. This gives you a chance to try it out and to also come and meet our instructors. We pride ourselves on creating a fun and exciting environment so you can really thrive. As a result, you will feel at home in no time.

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Strength Of Character

To walk into a Kickboxing Class as an adult, shows true strength of character and amazing amounts of courage. We have no ego’s in our Adults Kickboxing classes, it’s just a group of friends working hard to better themselves.