Beginner Friendly Kickboxing Classes In Bristol

You Are In The Right Place

Our Bristol Kickboxing Classes are High Energy, Boredom Blasting, Stress Relieving and completely Beginner Friendly, therefore no previous experience is required to enjoy our sessions.

Additionally, VORTEX have classes for all ages, so we are sure you will find a class that’s the perfect fit.

Children's Kickboxing Classes Bristol

FOR AGES 4 – 12

Our Children’s Bristol Kickboxing Classes are amazing for boosting confidence, focus, respect, knowledge, and also discipline, all in a safe, fun and high energy learning environment.

Mixing kicking and punching techniques, coupled with incredible footwork and evasion tactics, our children’s classes will definitely keep your child’s interest.

Adult Kickboxing Classes Bristol


Our Adult Bristol Kickboxing Classes are amazing for anyone looking to relieve some stress, gain a new skill and to also better their health.

We mix technical kickboxing together with high energy fitness. As a result, Kickboxing will boost physical and mental well-being, whilst also teaching you life long self defence skills.

See Why Our Students Would Recommend Us

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It’s About Enjoying Yourself

Friendly and welcoming, 5 star Google reviewed Kickboxing Classes in Bristol.

“In order for anyone to learn effectively, they need to enjoy what they are learning. If they are having fun doing something, it helps to keep their focus and passion. Learning then simply becomes a product of enjoyment.”


5 Star Kickboxing Classes In Bristol

Kickboxing, specifically developed from mixing Muay Thai and Karate, has a focus on strong punches and incredible kicks. As a result, kickboxing is used the world over as a great way to Build Confidence, Relieve Stress and Boost Mental and Physical Well being.

Our 5 Star Google Reviewed Kickboxing Classes in Bristol are perfect for all ages, any fitness level, and also require no previous experience.

Additionally, with Super Fun Little Ninja’s Classes (ages 4-7), Confidence Building Children’s Kickboxing Classes (ages 8-12) and High Energy Adult Kickboxing Classes (ages 13+), we are guaranteed to have a class thats a perfect fit.


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What Will My First Lesson Be Like?

The Bristol Kickboxing Warm Up

Our Kickboxing classes in Bristol have been proven to increase physical health, evidently from it’s high energy training sessions.

By gradually increasing the heart rate into a comfortable zone before training, a good warm up is vital. This also serves to help aid the muscles and joints to get them ready for the training ahead. There is no need to push yourself to an uncomfortable position during a warm up, therefore all warm ups will be kept within your comfort zone.

Following the warm up, you will participate in some gentle stretching. Therefore priming the muscles and joints perfectly, ready for training.

Line Work

All good Kickboxing schools should include line work in their training, our Kickboxing Classes in Bristol certainly do. This is effectively, a form of “shadow boxing”, where you will learn skills and techniques without making contact with training pads or other people. Don’t panic, there is never any requirement to put your skills into practice against another person.

Pad Work

During pad work, you will be partnered with another student. Additionally, if you are new to Kickboxing, your partner will always be experienced. As a result, you will always get the most out of your training session.

During the pad work section, you will get to practice some skills and techniques whilst either kicking, or punching, specifically designed training equipment. This is evidently the perfect time to burn of some steam and really dive into into your training.

Ending Blast or Game

Depending on your class, wether its a Children’s or Adults class, you will end with an “Ending Blast” or game.

To finish up our children’s kickboxing classes, we end with a fun game. This is to help keep the children’s focus during their training. And as a result, reward them at the end.

Subsequently, during our adult kickboxing lessons, we like to end the session with an “ending blast”. This is simply a high energy finishing section, where you will get to push you physical and mental limits, if you choose to. Don’t panic, how hard you push at the end is entirely up to you.

Cool Down

To finish, we will run you through a gentle cool down. This is simply to bring your heart rate down slowly and safely. Finally, another gentle stretch, then home in time for tea and biscuits.


We understand that you may have some questions in relation to our Classes. For example, what is kickboxing? or What’s the best age to begin martial arts?

It’s for this reason we have created our martial arts blog. Where we subsequently tackle a lot of the questions you may have.

Additionally, you can also contact us directly with any questions and we will be happy to help.