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What Popular Martial Art Is Best For My Child?


So you’ve decided to get your child into martial arts, and have taken to google to hunt for answers. Chances are, you are probably a bit confused with all the possible martial arts out there. More importantly, you are wondering what martial art is best for my child?

Well hold onto your frying pans, as we take a journey to explore the question, “What Martial Art Is Best For My Child?“.

When it comes down to deciding what martial art would be best for your child, it’s easier to decide based on an understanding of each. There is a minefield of different arts available, each one tailored to suit different needs.

Below we will take an overview at some of the more popular options.


Kickboxing Bristol

The stand up striking art, focusing on powerful punches, strong kicks, intricate footwork and slick evasion tactics. Kickboxing is certainly the top contender when choosing an art for your child.

Kickboxing is suitable for children of all ages, as the ability to grasp the basics of Kickboxing isn’t extremely challenging.

Although this is the case, to master the skills of Kickboxing, will take many years of hard work and dedication.

According to, a massive 49.8% of 9 – 12 year olds said they experienced bullying at school. Given it’s effectiveness as a self defence art, It’s for this very reason that Kickboxing is one of the best martial arts for your child.

LAYMAN’S SUMMARY: If you want your child to be a formidable force behind a calm and comprised mind, then Kickboxing is your answer. Think of it like a tethered wrecking ball, still and calm. Until someone releases it.

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what martial art is best for my child Taekwondo

Taekwondo, known the world over for its impressive kicks, is definitely worth considering when choosing an art for your child.

Unlike Kickboxing, Taekwondo has an element of learning based around forms.

Forms are carefully choreographed patterns, learned by an individual to perfect technique and enforce good, well, form.

As these forms include controlled repetition, is it common for a child, especially pre teens, to become bored and potentially lose interest. But this certainly isn’t a reason to avoid giving it a try.

If your child is able to maintain focus through the “slower” aspects of Taekwondo, they will eventually develop incredible strength of mind and body. Making Taekwondo another great Martial Art for your child.

LAYMAN’S SUMMARY: If you want your child to become an incredible, spinning, tornado kicking machine, then Taekwondo is for them. Just ensure they are prepared for some “slower” training days.


what martial art is best for my child Karate

Much like Taekwondo, Karate is a more traditional art, focusing on strength of body and strength of mind. A Karateka (One who practices Karate) will strengthen their mind through forms, similar to Taekwondo. Subsequently, forms in Karate are called Kata.

The body will becoming stronger through repeating technical punches, controlled kicks and blocks using the arms.

To a beginner, or anyone unfamiliar with martial arts, Karate and Taekwondo and very similar. With that in mind, you shouldn’t worry too much on which one you choose, as your child will learn similar aspects of martial arts from both.

With the above in mind, it’s important to note that Karate will essentially make a better all round martial artist, as Taekwondo’s primary focus is on kicking. Whereas Karate is more rounded to every aspect of martial arts.

LAYMAN’S SUMMARY: If you want your child to be a well rounded martial artist, with the added ability to chop sandwiches by hand, then Karate is for them. Again, be aware that forms (Kata) require a lot of patience to learn and perfect.


what martial art is best for my child JiuJitsu

Now we are diving into a completely different martial art, and one that commonly avoids the use of striking.

JiuJitsu has a focus around the use of grappling and submissions. In short, it uses the opponents power and weight against them.

The aim in JiuJitsu, is to render your opponent unconscious through chokes, or have them submit beforehand, through joint locks and other submission holds.

JiuJitsu is a ground art, meaning the combat takes place predominantly on the ground. And given that most street fights end up here, its clear to see why JiuJitsu would be great martial art for any child.

Mix this with a stand up striking art like kickboxing, and your child will be a force to be reckoned with.

LAYMAN’S SUMMARY: Looking for your child to be able to fold their opponent like fresh laundry? JiuJitsu is for them.



Much like the above, Judo has a focus on using your opponents size and weight against them.

With a focus on grounding your opponent, Judo is geared towards fancy trips and throws. Whilst not commonly incorporating any striking, Judo is still a very valuable martial art for any child to learn.

Any Judoka (One who practices Judo), will gain the ability to redirect their opponents size and weight to their own advantage. Taking their opponent off their feet and neutralising the threat.

Training Judo alongside a striking art, like Kickboxing, will help your child become an extremely well rounded martial artist.

LAYMAN’S SUMMARY: If you would like your child to be able to throw giants around the room, then Judo is the way forward.

What Martial Art is Best For My Child?

Which martial art is best for your child? First you will need to decide which one your child is more suited to.

Should you wish for them to learn a strong striking and self defence art, then Kickboxing is the way forward.

If you’d like them to learn a more traditional art, then Taekwondo or Karate will be perfect.

Additionally, should you want your child to learn an art focused around grappling or throwing their opponent, then Brazilian JuiJitsu or Judo would be your best option.

Let’s also remember, there is no need to focus on just one art. For example, mixing a strong striking art like Kickboxing, with a ground control or grappling art like JuiJitsu or Judo, will have tremendous benefits over choosing one art alone.

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