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Is Kickboxing Suitable For Kids? All You Need To Know.

Is Kickboxing Suitable For Kids?

There are many ideas and thoughts around kickboxing, especially when it comes to children. Which we tackle below as we take a look at the question, “Is Kickboxing Suitable For Kids?”

Is Kickboxing Too Aggressive For Kids?

is kickboxing suitable for kids

This is up here at the start for very good reason. Evidently, many believe Kickboxing to be too aggressive for children. But this commonly comes from media influences and their own created ideas.

Kickboxing, just like all other Martial Art, has a focus around respect and discipline. Additionally, it is miles away from being an aggressive art.

The students who train within my Dojo, are some of the most calm and collected individuals you will ever meet. This is due to the fact that they have taken many years to perfect their art, and respect the hard work and effort needed for children to progress in Kickboxing.

Kickboxing seems to have ideas of aggression attached to it, and this is why many parents will avoid it all together. But believe me, Kickboxing is not an aggressive art.

It’s here where we need to understand what “aggression” is. For me, aggression comes from loss of emotional control. This loss of emotional control can then lead to a loss of physical control.

One of the main things I teach my students, especially in my Little Ninja’s Bristol Classes, is to remain in emotional control at all times. Of course this is difficult for most, as we are only human. But it’s from this emotional control that we are able to deal with situations from a place of fact, rather than a place of aggression.

I mean, let’s face it, we have all lost emotional control and then regretted it almost instantly.

Kickboxing will help children to remain in emotional control, and therefore, in physical control. Which should show you that not only is Kickboxing not aggressive, but its perfect for creating a calm and collected mind.

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Will Children Have To Fight In Kickboxing?

Sword show

No, children will never have to “fight” in Kickboxing. Nobody has to “fight” in any martial art they choose to take part in.

When we talk about fighting, we talk about it the same way as we tackled aggression. As fighting comes from a place of losing emotional control.

There are times when a child can use their new found skill set in a more realistic scenario, but this will be through choice.

This scenario is called sparring. Sparring is when two people don the necessary protective equipment and spar against each other. Now don’t get me wrong, the level and intensity of sparring will differ between training schools.

In my Children’s Kickboxing classes, we ensure that all sparring is kept to touch control only. We do this to keep everyone safe and ensure they have the best opportunity to learn. Nobody can learn effectively if they are in fear, this is why we train in a respectful and controlled manner.

When it comes to sparring, make sure you choose a club that follows the same principles as we do at VORTEX Martial Arts. Because choosing a club where ego’s are prominent, is a Kickboxing school that is not suitable for kids.

Signing your child up to such a school, will inevitably end up with them getting hurt. This will lead to them giving up on their Kickboxing journey, and nobody wants that to happen.

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What Are The Benefits Of Kickboxing For Children?

So we have already established that Kickboxing is certainly not an aggressive art, especially not our Kickboxing Bristol Classes. We have also talked about how children will never be forced to fight each other, as long as you ensure to choose the right kickboxing school. But what are the benefits children will gain from training Kickboxing?

Increased Balance and Coordination.

stone balancing

As Kickboxing focus’ on punches and kicks, balance and coordination will improve immensely. The techniques involved will train muscle groups that are crucial for everyday life.

Any punching technique will focus on striking a target, the same as when learning to kick correctly. This concept and training will develop incredible hand (and foot) eye connection. Which is a fantastic skill to develop as a child.

Additionally, all kicks will require your child to stand on one leg, whilst kicking with the other. This alone will develop incredible balance. But it’s not just lifting one leg up and kicking with it, it’s the technical element thats also involved.

The majority of kicks in kickboxing, require you to rotate on your standing leg. This generates power from the hips, and not with just the leg. As you can imagine, balancing on one leg and also rotating on the ball of your foot, will definitely develop incredible balance.

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Increased Mental and Physical Health.

is kickboxing suitable for kids

It comes as no surprise that Kickboxing improves physical fitness. The nature of kickboxing is very high energy, and will certainly boost your child’s physical capacity.

Strength in core muscles will increase, as will strength in the legs and arms. Cardiovascular health will improve rapidly from regularly taking part in sessions.

But we need to also understand the mental health benefits associated with Kickboxing.

Kickboxing will give children a space away from school, and home, where they get to just be themselves. If you pick a Kickboxing Club with instructors who truly understand the students, like my team at VORTEX Martial Arts Bristol, you will give your child a space to be themselves.

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Increased Discipline and Focus.

is kickboxing suitable for kids

Kickboxing is a martial art, and with martial arts come discipline. Although this is the case, any good training school SHOULD have moved away from the draconian style of shouting and screaming at the students.

Kickboxing offers a structured and respectful atmosphere for a child to develop in. This structure will form the basis of solid discipline.

But it’s not done, at least not at VORTEX, through screaming and shouting, but through building a mutual respect between students and instructors. From this mutual respect, discipline and focus will grow.

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Is Kickboxing Suitable For Kids? – In Summary.

is kickboxing suitable for kids

Above we have talked about how Kickboxing is far from aggressive. And will in fact build a calm and collected mind.

We then covered how children will never be asked to fight in kickboxing. But this does unfortunately depend on the school you choose your child to train in.

We covered how Kickboxing will increase balance and coordination, increase mental and physical health, and instil discipline and focus.

So, is Kickboxing suitable for kids?

Not only is it suitable, it will provide your child with benefits they may never get from anywhere else.

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