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Is Kickboxing Good For Beginners? – All You Need To Know.

Is Kickboxing Good For Beginners?

is kickboxing good for beginners

Kickboxing is a fantastic Martial Art. With it’s focus around Powerful Punches and Lightning Fast Kicks. But is Kickboxing good for beginners?

If you’re an adult looking to start Kickboxing for the first time, or a parent looking to sign your child up to their first kickboxing lesson, you probably have a lot of unanswered questions.

There could be many reasons why you are looking to sign yourself or your child up to a kickboxing class. It could be due to wanting to learn self defence, or maybe to instil discipline and focus.

Regardless of the reason behind your decision, the question still remains. “Is Kickboxing Good For Beginners?”.

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Human’s Are Designed For Combat.

Kickboxing is a truly wonderful art. Due to human nature, giving us the ability to punch and kick, the basics of kickboxing fall in place relatively quickly for most.

For thousands of years humans have needed to fend off attackers with their bare hands and feet. This ability is still deep within us, albeit slightly suppressed by evolution and society.

Regardless of the above, to punch and kick, even in the most basic of aspects, is a skill we are born with. It’s for this reason that everyone, no matter your previous experience, can walk into a kickboxing class and pick up the basics.

Is Kickboxing Good For Beginners?

Mental Fitness Outweighs Physical Fitness

is kickboxing good for beginners

Often when someone asks the question, “Is Kickboxing Good For Beginners?”, they are referring to the physical aspect of the sport. In reality, what most people actually want to know, is if they can take part with minimal fitness capacity.

The thing with Kickboxing is, like most martial arts, is that it will require a fair amount of dedication to progress. Additionally, as you progress technically, you will also progress physically.

I say the same thing to all my students, it’s not what your body can do thats impressive. It’s what your mindset is. With the correct mindset to succeed, you set yourself out on the right path from the word go.

Believe me, I see this all the time in my martial arts classes in Bristol, a student who is physically able from the start of their journey, will often be surpassed by a student with the correct mindset, even if they are less able to begin with.

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Is Kickboxing Hard To Learn For A Beginner?

is kickboxing good for beginners

As we briefly discussed in the opening paragraph, the basics of Kickboxing are relatively easy to grasp for most. But this is definitely not the case for perfecting technique.

It is certainly possible to go through your entire Kickboxing journey with just the basics under your belt. Consequently, many adults are more interested in using the art as a way to keep fit, rather than for learning the technical aspects.

Additionally, if you are looking to learn the ‘nitty gritty’ behind all the correct technique, be prepared to put in some serious time and effort.

Kickboxing is a very difficult Martial Art to master. The ability to use complicated footwork, coupled with evasion techniques, often prove tricky on their own. And that is before you add in having to punch correctly and kick effectively.

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What Will My First Class Be Like?

is kickboxing good for beginners

Will your first Kickboxing class be good for beginners? Your first class will depend on the school you choose to train in, but most will follow a similar structure.

As with all exercise based activities, a good warm up and stretch is crucial. This is why most schools will begin their training with a gentle warm up.

Following the warm up, you would then go through some gentle stretching. The aim here is to prepare your muscles for the following training, and to help prevent any injury.

After your body has been prepared for exercising, it’s common for Kickboxing schools to go through line work. This is simply a technical session, similar to shadow boxing.

You will learn martial arts techniques without striking any training equipment, giving you the chance to really perfect your new found abilities.

Subsequently, following the line work, you will often then put these skills into practice using specifically designed training equipment. This section of the training is known as pad work.

It’s here where you will strike the pads, using the techniques learned from line work. Giving you the chance to burn off some steam and hone your skills.

At the end of the session, it’s common to follow a gentle cool down. It’s here where you will safely bring down your heart rate before ending with a final stretch.

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How Long Does It Take To Earn A Black Belt In Kickboxing?

black belt

On average, it will take most people between 4 and 5 years to earn a black belt in kickboxing. But it’s important to note, that a black belt in any martial art, is the start of your journey, and not the end.

Additionally, if you are asking this question, your mindset is in the wrong place. Something I always teach my students, is that belts are not important.

99% of students who are solely working hard to achieve belts, will never make it to their black belt. Why? Well this is simple, because they are focused on the wrong aspect of martial arts.

Belts are good for one thing and one thing only, to hold up your trousers. A student should develop love and passion for Kickboxing. It’s this love and passion for the sport that will lead to a black belt.

Although this is the case, for those who are working hard regardless of earning belts, a solid belt structure is important. It serves as a reward system for effort, and not as a reason for effort.

Do you have the right mindset to earn a black belt in Kickboxing.

Is Kickboxing Good For Beginners?

In short, yes, most people have an inbuilt ability to kick and punch, even if its a very basic ability. But to master the art of kickboxing will take many years of hard work and dedication.

As with all martial arts, and for life itself, it’s not the destination that should be focused on, but the journey you are taking. So let go of the worry, let go of the anxiety, and walk into your nearest kickboxing school and give it a try.

With a mindset on simply enjoying your journey, regardless of the destination, your experience will be a positive one.

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